Terms and Conditions of Sale

Article 1 [Definitions]

(a) “These Terms” shall mean the terms and conditions set forth in this SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc. Terms of Service.

(b) “User” shall mean the user of This Service.

(c) “This Service” shall mean the SHOPPAGE International online shop service.

Article 2 [ Application of Terms]

These Terms shall govern User’s use of This Service, via an Internet connection. By using or continuing to use this Service, User signify User’s acceptance of These Terms. If, at any time, User do not wish to accept These Terms, User may not use This Service.

Article 3 [Application and Amendment of These Terms]

(a) Terms that SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc. announces to User at any time, whether online or through other means, shall be deemed a portion of These Terms.

(b) SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc. may modify These Terms at any time in its sole discretion.

(c) User’s continued use of This Service after receiving notice that These Terms have been modified shall signify User’s acceptance of These Terms as modified by SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc. .

Article 4 [Discontinuation of Service Provision]

In cases where any of the following conditions applies, discontinuation of service provision may occur without prior notification to the user.

(a) In cases where it becomes known that there has been violation of this Service Agreement in the past.

(b) In cases where there is a delay in the performance of payment of fees for this service or other default with regards to this service.

(c) In cases of actions as described in Article 5 (Prohibited Actions).

(d) In cases where any provision in this agreement has been violated.

Article 5 [Prohibited Actions]

The following actions by users are prohibited.

(a) Actions which may obstruct the management of this service, and/or actions may hinder this service.

(b) Actions which may disturb, cause disadvantage or damage to other users, any third party, or SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc., or any action which may have the possibility of such.

(c) Actions which may infringe on the trademark, copyright , privacy, and/or other rights of other users, any third party, or SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc., or any action which may have the possibility of such.

(d) Actions which are offensive to public order and morals, any actions which violated to government law or regulations, or any action which may have the possibility of such.

(e) In addition to the above, any action which is determined to be inappropriate by SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc., or which are in violation of the Prohibited Actions as stipulated in this Article, shall be subject to not only just etiquette violation, but also may be punishable according to regulations under penal law/ unauthorized computer access law / trademark law / copyright law and civil / business law, and subject to criminal penalty or civil liability damage.

Article 6 [Copyright]

(a) The copyright in this website belongs to SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc. All other intellectual property rights are reserved. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer or sell any information obtained from this website. You may only download to your personal computer for viewing purposes and print out pages of this web site for your personal use without written express specific permission.

(b) Users may use the information provided through this service within the scope of the copyright restrictions, such as the copy of material for private use, as authorized by the copyright law. However, any use beyond the scope without the permission of the holder of the right shall be prohibited.

(c) With regards to a violation of the regulations as stipulated in this Article by a user and a dispute occurs between the holder of rights or a third party, the user shall not inconvenience or cause damage to SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc., and shall solve the dispute by his/her own responsibility and expense.

Article 7 [Use of User Information]

User Information received by SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc. for use in this service shall not be disclosed or provided to any third party, except in the following cases.

(a) In cases where the user agrees to the disclosure of his/her own name, address, gender, age, and e-mail address, etc.

(b) In cases where SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc. provides statistics of personal information that have been collected in order to understand trends in users of this service to the third party, provided that such information is provided in a way such that individual personal information cannot be specified.

(c) In cases where it becomes necessary for the provision of this service (such as the disclosure of a name and address to the transportation company, in order for SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc. to send products to the user).

(d) In addition to the above, as permitted in these guidelines.

Article 8 [Purchase of Products]

(a) Users may purchase products through this service.

(b) In cases where a user wishes to purchase a product, the user shall apply for purchase of the product according the method specified by SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc..

(c) When a confirmation e-mail for the product order as described in the previous section is sent to the user by SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc., a sales agreement between the user and SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc. shall be established regarding this products.

(d) Cancellation of a product order is described below in Article 9.

Article 9 [Cancellation of the Contract]

SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc. may cancel a sales agreement when any of the following cases applies.

(a) In cases where a violation of this Agreement has occurred.

(b) In cases where it becomes evident that the ability of payment by the user is threatened.

(c) In cases where the product is out of stock, and cannot be easily delivered.

(d) In cases where the product cannot be delivered due to an incorrect address or long absence.

In cases of misconduct or improper actions regarding this service, regardless of the regulations in the previous section, SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc. may cancel or terminate the agreement of sale, or take other proper measures.

Article 10 [Payment]

(a) The amount of the payment for the purchase of a product shall be the total amount of the purchase price of the merchandise, any shipping costs and any handling costs and any customs duty (consumption tax) if applicable.

(b) Payment for products purchased through this service shall be collected by PayPal transaction.

Article 11 [Return of Products]

(a) Products may not be returned except for cases when the product has been damaged during shipping, the product is defective or is the wrong item, and other cases as deemed by SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc..

(b) Furthermore, return of a product, exchange of a defective product, or cancellation of the agreement when exchange is not possible, shall be allowed only in cases where the user returns the products within the period separately regulated by SHOPPAGE International from the date of receipt.

(c) The user shall return the product according to the method separately regulated by SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc..

(d) SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc. can’t be held responsible for incorrect ordering by customers.

Article 12 [Discontinuation of Service]

In order to maintain good operating conditions of this service, SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc. may discontinue all or part of the provisions of this service without prior notification to the users, in any of the following cases.

(a) For regular or emergency maintenance of the system.

(b) In cases where operation of the system became difficult due to fire, blackout, or sabotage by a third party.

(c) In the event of a natural disaster or act of God.

(d) Problems related to ISPs or other communications carriers.

(e) In addition to the above, in cases where SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc. determines that discontinuation of the system is necessary.

Article 13 [Other Disclaimers]

(a) In cases where SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc. is responsible for notification to its users, such responsibility shall be considered fulfilled when such notification has been sent to the e-mail address registered by the user. In addition, the company’s responsibility for product delivery shall be considered fulfilled when a product has been shipped to the registered address on PayPal by the user.

(b) SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc. shall not be held liable for any damage or loss with regard to the use of this service and/or products sold and/or bought through this service, under any circumstances, apart from those stipulated in the preceding Article, no matter the legal ground of action.

(c) In no case shall SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc. be held liable for any damages due to the inability to use this service.

(d) SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc. shall be exempt from its obligations by processing paper work in accordance with the registered contents of the user.

(e) In cases where another user or a third party suffers damage due to a user’s use of this service, the user involved shall resolve the issue by his/her own responsibility and expense, and shall not involve SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc..

(d) Costs incurred for installation of computer equipment and/or transmission equipment necessary for the use of this service, telephone charges, LAN usage fees, and application costs for the use this service, shall be borne by the user himself/herself.

Article 14 [Other]

(a) Kazushi Hagiwara and SYUEISYA Ltd. are not personally responsible for the operation of this website and that all customer service issues should be directed to SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc..

(b) Method of Contact between SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc. and the user shall be principally through online Contact Form.

(c) Regarding the use of this service, in cases where a problem cannot be solved according to the terms of this User Agreement, both SHOPPAGE International and the user shall pursue negotiations and reach a solution in the spirit of good faith.

(d) In cases of judicial decision regarding the use of this service, the court of jurisdiction shall be that of the location of SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc..

(e) In cases of nonpayment of the transaction value or violation of this User Agreement, and it becomes necessary for SHOPPAGE International/SHOPPAGE Inc. to retain an attorney for the collection of a claim in order to compensate for damages, the user shall also bear the costs of such attorney.