How do I contact you?

Please contact us via the mail form on our Contact Us page.

I’m going to be in Japan. Do you have a store I can visit?

We unfortunately does not have a physical retail store. We can, however, ship to any residential or work address in Japan. Please be advised that we cannot ship to hotels or forwarding centers.

Do you offer wholesale or drop shipments?

Sorry, we do not provide wholesale or drop shipment services, nor can we provide additional discounts or free shipping for large orders.


I placed an order but haven’t received any notification.

An order acknowledgement is automatically sent to the e-mail address registered on the account after an order is placed. If you have not received any such notification, please check your Spam folder. In some cases e-mails from the bastard-doujinshi.com domain are blocked. Please check with your e-mail provider to make sure you can receive e-mails from our domain.
There are also some instances where your order simply did not go through due to server congestion, a poor connection, or other technical problems. If you are unsure if your order was accepted, please contact us so that we may have a look for you.

Can you cancel my order/part of my order?

If you have paid, we can not accept order cancellations. Please contact us before you send your payment.

I’d like to add an item to my order. Can you add it for me?

Please let us know your name, order number and item name, item code, quantity that you would like to add. Please be advised that paid orders cannot be modified.

There’s an item I want but it’s sold out. Can you let me know when it’s back in stock?

We cannot take any further orders for items that are sold out and unfortunately if or when we can get more stocks is unknown. There is no “wait list” system for sold out items, nor can we send notifications or answer any questions regarding restocks. If we are able to get more stocks of an item, our website will be updated and the item will be available for purchase.
Please keep an eye out for any updates on our website. You can also send e-mail regarding your demand to us.

An item in my order is now listed as sold out! Will I receive the item?

Stock for your order has already been secured if you have already placed an order for the item and it has been confirmed. “Sold out” means we are unable to accept new orders for the item.

Why was my order canceled?

There are several possible reasons for your order being canceled:
1. Our e-mails did not reach you.
Please make sure you have provided us with a valid e-mail address and that you can receive mails from our domain (bastard-doujinshi.com) without being blocked by your ISP / spam checker / e-mail application. Smooth e-mail exchanges are essential to complete your transaction.
2. We asked you to do something to finalize your order but didn’t get any reply.
For example, if your name or shipping address was displayed in garbled characters on our side, or when we think you might have accidentally double-ordered (receiving two identical orders overnight), we will e-mail you to confirm before proceeding with your order. If no reply is received from you after a certain period, we usually choose to cancel the entire order.
3. There is an unsettled case with your previous order.
We cannot accept orders from customers with outstanding problems on previous orders. You will be able to order again once the problem has been resolved.


What payment methods are available?

We only accepts payments by PayPal.

Can I send payment to you in my local currency?

Unfortunately we can only accept payments in Japanese Yen. Your payment will be returned if sent in any other currency.

When do you charge my order?

Orders are invoiced when all items in an order are available and ready to be shipped.

Can I pay for half my order now and the other half later? Can I pay for the item first and shipping later?

We are unable to accept partial or split payments. All payments are due in full within 7 days of payment request.

I’m having trouble with my account. Can I have a friend pay for my order? Can I pay for my friend’s order?

Please submit payment for your orders using your own payment information. If we discover payments originating from other individuals, the accounts may be determined to be duplicates and both accounts closed without warning.

The item I ordered is marked as released on your website but I haven’t received an invoice.

Please keep in mind that invoices are sent after all items in an order have been released and are ready to be shipped. If your order contains a mix of pre-order and in-stock items, the order will be invoiced after the pre-order item has been released. While we do our best to send invoices out as quickly as possible, please understand that it may take some time for invoices of all orders that are ready to be sent.

I’m transferring funds from my bank account to PayPal but it won’t go through until after the payment deadline. What can I do?

Please understand that we cannot extend payment deadlines for any reasons.

Can you extend my payment deadline?

All orders must be paid for within 7 days after payment request. We kindly ask that all customers pay for their order within the stated payment period. All unpaid orders will be canceled and any items contained within will be ineligible to be re-ordered at our store. Please note that any orders that have gone past the stated 7-day payment period are no longer guaranteed and the items contained therein may be offered to other customers or moved to their orders without notice.

I’m having trouble with my PayPal account! What can I do?

We are unfortunately unable to provide support for PayPal or its services. Please contact PayPal to resolve any problems. Payment deadlines may not be extended due to PayPal or banking problems.


Do you ship to my country?

We ship worldwide.

What shipping methods do you offer?

Orders are shipped by either EMS or Registered Air Mail. We unfortunately do not offer any other services at this time.

What is the shipping cost for ______? Can I change my shipping method or address?

We are able to provide shipping estimates for any in-stock item. Please contact us with the item you are interested in and the country you would like it shipped to. Unfortunately we are not able to give estimates for any pre-order items because their final weights and sizes have not yet been determined.

I wrote my shipping address incorrectly! What can I do?

We use PayPal addresses for shipping. Please always double-check the shipping address before submitting payment for your order. If a package is returned to us due to an incorrect shipping address, we will request the customer cover shipping charges for re-delivery.

Can you combine/split my orders?

We only can accept combined shipping for your request before you send your payment. Please contact us with the relevant order ID numbers and your instructions.

The shipping address on my order and PayPal account are different. Which one will you ship to?

We will always use the shipping address on your PayPal account.

Can you mark my package as “Gift” and/or write a lower value?

While we sympathize with customers who are required to pay customs taxes on shipments, it is against Japanese law for us to mark items as “Gift” or write lower values for items and we are therefore unable to comply with any requests to do so. If your country imposes taxes on shipments, please keep that in mind when placing your order.

Do I have to pay taxes on products ordered?

When ordering from our website, the customer is considered the importer of the purchased products and will be responsible for any customs tax, import duties, goods and services tax (GST), valued-added tax (VAT), or any similar customs-related charges. Customs policies vary by country and we cannot make any guarantees as to whether or not shipments will be subject to customs-related fees. Please contact your local customs office for more information.

In addition to customs fees, customers may also incur other charges, such as administration or brokerage fees. These are handling charges incurred due to customs processing and clearance of your shipment. Customers are required to pay the relevant courier service upon delivery of the shipment.

Will I receive a refund if I refuse the shipment when it is delivered to me?

If customers refuse a package due to customs issues, including refusal to pay customs tax or duties, failure to provide requested documents, or other related issues, we will not be responsible for any refund or reshipment of the refused package.

What if my order is confiscated by the Local Customs Authority of my country?

Customers are responsible for the customs duty, if any, imposed by the Local Customs Authority and should be aware of any banned items. If any order is confiscated by the Local Customs Authority of your country because of the above-mentioned reasons, we are not responsible for any reshipment or refund regarding the confiscated order.

My order is taking an extremely long time to arrive. What can I do?

If you feel your order is taking too long to reach you (over 2 weeks for EMS, 3 weeks for Air), please have your parcel’s tracking/delivery confirmation number ready and make an inquiry at your local post office about its delivery status. Your parcel may be waiting at the post office undelivered or may be in customs at the port of entry. EMS/Registered shipments cannot be delivered until a signature is obtained from the recipient. Unregistered shipments, however, can be left outside. Please look for an Undeliverable Shipment notice in your mail box. The notice should tell you where and until when you can pick up your package. If the post office was unable to deliver the package due to some fault of the customer (wrong address/undeliverable package) and was returned to us, we will request additional postage for re-delivery.

If you feel you have waited long enough but your parcel still cannot be located, please contact us first instead of opening PayPal disputes or filing chargebacks with your credit card company. We will do our best to resolve any problems that may arise, but PayPal disputes and chargebacks will slow down our process for a prompt and amicable settlement.

Can you gift wrap my items or add a special message to my order?

Unfortunately we cannot accept any requests for gift wrapping, special messages or other requests regarding shipping composition.

The website says my order was shipped but I never received a shipping notification.

Shipping notification mails are not immediately sent upon shipment of an order but are generally sent within 24 hours. If you are still unable to locate our shipping notification mail after checking your spam/junk folder, please make sure your ISP and spam filters are not blocking e-mails from our bastard-doujinshi.com. We can provide your parcel’s date of shipment and/or tracking number via e-mail upon request.